Wednesday, October 21, 2009

GTA: Chinatown Wars PSP Game Review

In traditional GTA fashion, the Chinatown Wars casts the no-good lone wolf called Huang Lee. He was glad to be a wealthy, pampered child spending all of his dad's cash, but after the daddy is 'silenced', Huang have to back to Liberty City to inherit the family heirloom and ensure the world keep on spinning. See, Huang's dad was the head of the Triads in Liberty City. and his demise has triggered off a few power conflict in the megapolis.
If you have in some way missed all the uproar regarding Chinatown Wars, the title could not be what you are anticipating like the typical PSP GTA. There is no 3rd person point of view, the lack of voice acting at the cutscenes, and no real effort to make the game the most naturalistic looking game conceivable. Chinatown Wars is represented from the angled top-down point of view, told from some animated art cutscenes, and provides a brilliant and crisp appearance similar to an animated motion-picture show. As a long-time devotee of this series, there were many times that I would be blowing trucks off the city road with my tank or smahing your foes into bright red puddles of blood and brain with my chain-gun and regain the regressive feels of GTA II.
Even so, beyond that unique look, you are getting all things that always makes any GTA games wonderful. There is a deep story we have already experienced, but it takes apart into more than seventy story missions that force you dealing with for different mobs, tugs, and cops in all kinds of disturbed manners. One moment you are sabotaging the racecar, the next you are torching warehouses chock full with cannabis, and then you are running away from a bank after a robbery dressed in a Chinese dragon costume. The varied humor and missions you would expect from the franchise are all here definitely.
GTA: Chinatown Wars is spectacular. The narration is amazing, the presentation itself is a total blast, running narcotics and drugs is a welcomed addition, the brand new cop takedowns are wonderful, and there is so many things to do. Certainly, the little encumbrances may irk you, I hope the cutscenes feature beliavable voice work, a few mini-games are dull, and saving takes way too long, but it is all excusable when this game is so much fun.

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