Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite PSP Game Review

The brand new Monster Hunter is utterly magnificent, but it is not for everybody — the steep learning curve may turn a lot of players away. It is a shame, anytime you think about the amount this game wants to offer. The world is immense, its fighting mechanism is mystifying, and the range of things and upgrades applicable is equivalent with a Mandelbrot Set; the more you stare onto it, the more interlocking it seems. Most importantly, Monster Hunter is gratifying, awarding the form of atonement that may only be gained when you at last acquire the better position on a PSP game.

Since Monster Hunter will not gets any easier, it only gets more difficult. That is because the fictitious character does not have any lasting statistics to speak of. You have no ability. None. There is the health indicator in-game, and the stamina indicator below; one filled again by potions, to other by food. That's it. You can't make any tasks easier by drumming senselessly. To address a specific issue, you have to decipher it.

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