Monday, June 15, 2009

Tenchu: Shadow Assassins Review


Devotees of stealthy action PSP games have been startled and occasionally even frustrated with the PSP translations of games including Metal Gear Solid serial or perhaps Splinter Cell. We enjoyed controlling Solid Snake in the PSP’s widescreen, but were very sorry that Sam Fisher’s involvement on the PSP was not so good.
Shadow Assassins upholds a similar stealthy ninja escapades of Rikimaru and the kenoichi buddy Ayame as both operate for Lord Goda Matsunoshin shielding the realm from the oppositions and also other odoriferous individuals trying to destroy the kingdom with criminal activities and subversion.

It Is not easy delivering a stealth action game in a PSP, yet Tenchu: Shadow Assassins comes really close to flawlessness in spite of a couple of hardware problems. That said, however, what this PSP game does right combines to a comforting and stimulating PSP game that allows it as one of the more appreciated Tenchu games to appear in many years. If you enjoy a great stealthy action PSP game for your gadget, give this wonderful game a try.

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