Friday, April 24, 2009

God of War: Chains of Olympus


Chains of Olympus is basically a prequel to the pilot God of War that comes about long even before Kratos' hot struggle with Ares. Also called as the Ghost of Sparta, Kratos is the servant on the deities and it is up to him to save up the Earth while carrying on to ascertain about his past times—or more specifically, his daughter. However truthfully, until the late God of War II, the serial has never been about the epic story. The conclusion is Kratos is a annoyed giant that obliterates all things and everybody in his route in the most macabre form conceivable, and that is precisely what players are acquiring with Chains of Olympus, that is how come the game is really amazing.

Chains of Olympus has always been the most awaited PSP title ever and while it seems like God of War-lite, anyone cares? No handheld venture will ever equate to that console, but this PSP-adaptation is still really damn gratifying. Chains of Olympus boasts an absorbing chronicle, awesome artwork, fantastic auditory sensation, and amazing hack-n-slash adventure gameplay. Granted, this game only want to take about 7-10 hrs to complete, but games in that genre are are not too long. It is among the first of a host of games this particular year to at last warrant having a PSP.

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