Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to place iTunes DRM songs to PSP-3000

As we understand, the most part of songs from iTunes shop goes DRM costless (iTunes Plus). Even so, if you're not fresh iTunes user, you're still have in the iTunes Library a few songs which is DRM secured. You need to pay up thirty cents for each song to upgrade those songs to DRM free. It is easy maths. For five hundred songs pgrade to DRM free, you have to pay up $150 = 500 X 0.3.

To save cash, the simplest technique is to move the songs to the "Audio CD" and After that rip them back to the Windows Media Player or a comparable software as MP3 songs.

Or you are able to turn to a few programs for assistance. I consistently employ TuneClone M4P Converter go to to convert iTunes songs to MP3 and ransfer them to your PSP-3000. The steps are relatively easy:

  1. Download and set up TuneClone M4P Converter software .
  2. Inside TuneClone, find the "Settings" button then select "MP3" as your output format.
  3. Inside iTunes, make fresh playlist and add up preferred iTunes songs you're going to add into the psp 3000.
  4. Find "Burn Disc" button. Inside a pop-up dialog box of "Burn Settings", choose TuneClone the virtual CD drive as a "CD Burner",choose "Audio CD" at the "Disc Format" check-boxes and check "Include CD Text" selection (to maintain songs metadata).
  5. Commence burning.

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dudude said...

As the music in iTunes is encrypted with DRM, you cannot directly put it on any non-Apple MP3 player. The easiest way is to burn the music to an audio CD and then rip it back to Windows Media Player or a similar program as an MP3. Or you can get some software to help you. I use TuneClone to do this. Though not free, it is very well worth a try.
Here is its step by step tutorial about how to get iTunes music converted to MP3.