Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Music Download to PSP

I'm about to provide you my easy and simple formula for setting up your best music on the PSP. You need just a couple of steps and it's a breeze if you the technique.

  1. First of all you have to obtain a CD ripper and while you're at it I'd unquestionably get a PSP video converter. A CD ripper allows you draw music (rip) of your CD's that you own currently. The PSP video converter will allow you rip and change video file to watch on the PSP...so you are able to see and hear to movies and songs, cool heh!
  2. Load up the CD and run the CD ripper choose the song you wish to play on your PSP and click the "extract and encode" to PSP.
  3. If you already own songs files on your personal computer then all you have to perform is click "add" from the CD ripper or PSP video converter.
  4. Be sure on all the steps above, you choose the "PSP" format.
  5. How to download or download your songs to PSP? Just plug in the PSP to the personal computer with the USB cable, and duplicate your MP3 file(s) into "H:PSPMUSIC" where H: would comparable the hard drive of the PSP.

That's it. It's really easy to play songs on the PSP!

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