Friday, December 12, 2008

Configure the DNS Server

You need to trick Wipeout Pure into loading your Web page instead of the one it expects. You do this by spoofing the location of the server that the game looks for. Once it finds your page, the sky’s the limit.
It’s probably not a good idea to make your DNS server publicly available. Not only may the traffic get unmanageable, but Sony’s legal team may call you telling you to cease and desist. If you leave this on your local network, or at least undisclosed to all the hack boards out there, you should be safe, but there are no guarantees if you open your hack up to the public.

If You’re Using Windows
Follow these steps:
1. Make sure MooPS is running.
2. Configure MooPS’ Server Settings menu

If you’re using a Web server other than MooPS, set the MooPS Port under Web Server to 33333 so it doesn’t conflict with your Web server.

If You’re Using BIND on Unix or Mac OS X
In the case of BIND, you will be creating a zone file to spoof Sony’s Web site, I will assume that if you have a BIND instance running, you already
know how to configure BIND, so we won’t go over it here. There are many fine books on setting up BIND, so hop onto or go to your local bookstore and you’ll find some excellent guides.
The zone file for BIND should have the following contents:
; zone file
$TTL 86400
@ IN SOA (
2005070942 ; serial number YYYYMMDDNN
28800 ; refresh interval
7200 ; retry interval
86400 ; expire timeout
86400 ; min. time to live (ttl)
; spoofed entries to point traffic to our local server instead of out on the Internet NS ; says where the name server is (us, haha)
A ; points the root to this IP address Ingame A ; resolves to our local server Webcluster A ; resolved to our local server
Next you need to update your named.conf file and add the zone, as shown in the following code. Enter the text at the end of the file’s contents and then save the file. Like the zone file, be sure to use the tab key, not multiple spaces, when adding the entry.

zone “” {
type master;
file “”;

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