Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sony’s Official PSP Web Site

Sony has an official PSP Web site that is bookmarked by default.Well, actually, you can’t delete the bookmark—you can either go to your own bookmarks or to Sony’s PSP site. Sony’s official PSP Web site is located at http://www.ps-portable.net. You can access the official PSP Web site by going to the bookmarks menu and selecting PSP instead of My Bookmarks. The PSP Web site has a host of neat things to do, from downloading game extras, to getting trailers for upcoming UMD movies to downloading images, photos, screen shots, and more. You can get the latest news from Sony on the PSP and buy gear for your PSP. Of course, this site will likely expand to offer you much more in the future, such as downloadable music, new games, and more, for a fee.
Using the My Account feature on Sony’s site requires registration on the PSP Underground site.While you can do this on your PSP, it’s a lot faster on a computer with a keyboard, and then you can just log in on your PSP and save your login information on it by selecting Remember Me on the login page.

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