Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How to Create an Ad-Hoc PSP Wireless Profile?

If you’re just going to do some quick gaming with friends, you all need to have the same network name, or SSID, so you can all connect with each other. Once everyone has the same profile, you can all connect and play your games together.
The PSP doesn’t actually let you set your SSID in Ad Hoc Mode, so it just defaults to a generic name beginning with PSP, followed by a number of different characters. This can vary depending on the game you’re playing, too, as some games will set a different SSID to differentiate the PSP hosting the game from the other PSPs in the vicinity (which may be hosting games, too). Unfortunately, this means anyone with a PSP and the same game could potentially join in your game (if your game supports uninvited joins), so feel free to be paranoid and check to see who’s around you before you start a wireless match.
If you switch to Ad Hoc Mode, you will have to switch back to Infrastructure Mode at the Network Setting menu before you can use your PSP in infrastructure mode again.
Follow these steps to set up an Ad Hoc network:
  1. Use the PSP Navigator to select Settings and then Network Settings. Select the Ad Hoc Mode option and press X
  2. Set the channel to Automatic and press X.
  3. Press X to save the settings.


The_Black_Wolf said...

OMG this was a big help tnx. now i cant wait to play online for final fantasy dissidia

The_Black_Wolf said...

oh and i would lik to know? wuts the psp navigator?