Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Additional Music Tips

If you are on a Mac running OS X 10.4, make sure you check out "Automate Mac OS X File Transfers" for instructions on writing an AppleScript to automate moving your tunes to your PSP. If you're savvy in other scripting languages, you may want to look over that hack, as well, for some ideas for your own automated script.

If you're running Version 2.0 of the firmware and you want to take full advantage of your networked music collection, you'll want to create a Music page that contains an index and links to all the files within your PSPMUSIC folder. This will allow for easy picking and choosing of songs you want to grab off of your network for on-the-go listening on your PSP. Why not build the same support system for a few videos, too?

Also, if you are homebrew savvy, make sure you check out some of the homebrew MP3 players available for the PSP.

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